Kristin Burke

"Unlock your potential and reach your goals with my guidance on goal setting and skill development."

About Kristin Burke

Kristin Burke is a female speaker from Los Angeles, United States with over a decade of experience coaching and developing hundreds of financial advisors for a FORTUNE 200 firm.

She has expertise in leading her clients to breakout performances through goal clarity, confidence building, and consistent progress.

Kristin is a native English speaker and is available for remote engagements on weekdays.

She is equipped with a USB/External Microphone and webcam.

Kristin is an ideal podcast guest with her unique experience in business and entrepreneurship and her ability to help your audience understand how to set goals and grow the skills they need to achieve them consistently.

She has the expertise and knowledge to provide valuable insight and advice to your listeners, as well as the charisma and charm to engage them.

Her LinkedIn profile and website offers further information about her background and qualifications.