Kristin Svets

Empower yourself with possibility and find balance with my steps for a happier mindset.

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About Kristin Svets

Kristin Svets is a Certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher, helping driven women to create more happiness in both their personal and professional lives.

She draws on her experience as a woman in the middle season of life, who has parented two boys into their teenage and college years, and has journeyed through a variety of wellness paths to maintain her health.

Kristin is passionate about mindset work, and uses meditation, breath work, yoga, and journaling to help her clients find peace.

Kristin is an experienced speaker, writer, and connector, and is based in Evanston, USA.

She is a native English speaker and is available to perform remotely on weekdays and weekends.

She is well equipped with a USB/External microphone and webcam, and is eager to share her insights with as many people as possible.

Kristin's compelling pitch is that she helps driven women to move past overwhelm and figure out “what's next” in life.

Through her life coaching and mindfulness practice, she shares steps on how to create a mindset that results in feeling more centered and happier.

She is the perfect guest for any podcast focusing on topics such as education, self-improvement, healthy eating, alternative health, female health and lifestyle, spirituality, personal journals, relationships, and entrepreneurship.