Laura Formentini

"Discover how kindness can transform tragedy with author, photographer, and activist Max: an inspiring story of healing."

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About Laura Formentini

Laura Formentini is an exceptional speaker with a wealth of experience and expertise.

She is an author, photographer, and activist who has worked all around the world with a multitude of NGOs and resilient people, and has personally healed from the traumatic loss of her son’s suicide due to a small act of kindness from a stranger.

Her upcoming book, Twentyone Olive Trees: A Mother’s Walk Through the Grief of Suicide to Hope and Healing, is a spiritual pilgrimage that she has graciously shared with the world in order to help others who are in the midst of grief and dark moments.

Laura has dedicated her life and work to teaching people that we all have the power to heal ourselves and others through small acts of kindness, and how they can have a profound ripple effect.

Laura Formentini is an ideal podcast guest with her inspiring story and deep knowledge of the power of love in action.

Not only does she have a great message, but she has the credentials to back it up.

With her proven track record of working with NGOs and resilient people all over the world, Laura is well-equipped to share her wisdom and experience with your listeners.

Invite her to your show and she will deliver an enlightened and empowering message that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.