Laura Martin

Unlock your heart and find true love: Trauma & Relationship Specialist here to help.

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About Laura Martin

Laura Patricia Martin is a trauma and relationship specialist who is leading a movement to help people find love without the triggers of the past getting in the way.

A passionate and inspirational leader, Laura has battled her way through loss, eating disorders, addictions, domestic violence, and toxic relationship patterns, and now uses her experience to help hundreds of women around the globe heal their minds and bodies using methods that focus on nervous system regulation, heart-centered leadership, and feminine energetics.

She is an incredible resource for podcast guests, given her wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of trauma and relationships.

Laura is a great potential podcast guest due to her inspiring story, unique approach to activating people to clear trauma and find freedom, and her revolutionary teachings that are taking the world by storm.

She has the ability to ignite that fire within her audience and inspire them to explore their potential growth.

With Laura's exceptional insights and passion, her presence on any podcast would be sure to captivate and educate listeners.