Lea Misan

"Connecting Internationals to a brighter future: Helping to reduce anxiety, depression, and cultural struggles."

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About Lea Misan

Lea Misan is an experienced psychotherapist and mindset strategy coach who specializes in helping Internationals and Expats who are experiencing anxiety and depression, struggling to fit in and make themselves understood in a new culture.

After growing up in the international community of Geneva, Lea has lived experience of the issues her clients face.

Lea has successfully navigated a transformation from a pattern of blanking out and freezing, to accessing her power and dreaming the future she wished to live.

She is the author of her first book entitled ‘A Body’s Call to Presence’.

Lea is a bilingual speaker based in London who speaks English, French and Hebrew, and is familiar with the health and fitness, education, society and culture, and relationships topics.

She is available for remote podcasts and has her own built-in microphone and webcam.

Lea Misan is an inspiring and knowledgeable voice for Internationals and Expats, with a unique perspective on anxiety and depression.

With her powerful personal story and extensive expertise, she is an ideal guest for podcasts that discuss mental health, life coaching, self-improvement, and relationships.

She has an incredible ability to relate to her audience and provide insight into the emotional struggles of those living between cultures.

Her inspiring story and strategies for transformation will make for an engaging and thought-provoking conversation.