Lee Schneider

A creative visionary: 30 years in media, producing podcasts, docs, and films, exploring the future.

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About Lee Schneider

Lee Schneider is a futurist and multi-talented media professional with over 30 years of experience in podcast production, television documentaries, and film.

He currently resides in Santa Monica, California and is passionate about discussing topics related to online privacy, the power of technology in society, and how to deal with anxiety about climate change.

Lee's impressive career and experience make him an ideal podcast guest.

His knowledge about the future of online privacy, the power of tech in society, and how to cope with anxiety about climate change make him a great source of expertise and insight.

He can also offer timely business-friendly topics such as Twitter's current state, the implications of AI on businesses, and how technology can help reduce the need for employees.

With Lee Schneider as your podcast guest, you can be sure to get an interesting and insightful conversation about the future of technology and its implications.

His unique background and experience make him an ideal guest for any podcast looking to explore and discuss the topics of the future.