Leonardo Xavier

"Learn from the roots of Jiu-Jitsu with Professor Leonardo Xavier, trained under the legendary Rickson Gracie."

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About Leonardo Xavier

Professor Leonardo Xavier is a world-renowned Jiu-Jitsu instructor with a background rooted in the famous Brazilian gym founded by the Gracie family.

Under the tutelage of Rickson Gracie, Professor Xavier has achieved numerous accolades, such as multiple-time medals at the World Championship or Mundials, Pan-American Champion, 2x Brazilian National Champion and multiple time Rio de Janeiro state champion.

He has also been recognized as the 2022 International Martial Arts Instructor of the Year.

Professor Xavier is passionate about teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a comprehensive guide to living a full life, covering aspects of psychology such as confidence, emotional control, and commitment; physiology such as diet, fitness and movement; and spirituality such as morality and purpose.

His unique experience in the industry and ability to speak both English and Portuguese makes him a great potential podcast guest who can speak to an audience of jiu-jitsu practitioners and martial arts enthusiasts who are looking to gain insight into the sport and apply it to their lives.

If your podcast seeks to explore the many facets of jiu-jitsu and martial arts, Professor Xavier is an ideal guest.

His vast knowledge and experience in the discipline, combined with his commitment to teaching and inspiring others, makes him an ideal podcast guest.

He can provide a unique and valuable perspective to your listeners and be a great asset to your show.