Leopoldino Jeronimo

"Exploring decolonized narratives for global justice through analysis of conflicts, sustainable development, and local and global affairs."

Social Sciences
About Leopoldino Jeronimo

Leopoldino Jeronimo is an experienced speaker and podcast host with a wealth of knowledge in sustainable international development, conflict resolution and coexistence, and the complex power dynamics in peace and development interventions.

As Funder/President of Ubuntulist and the host of the Thinking Through with LJ podcast, Leopoldino has a deep understanding of decolonizing narratives for global justice.

He holds two master’s degrees from Brandeis University, MA in Sustainable International Development and MA in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence.

By day, Leopoldino works as the Strategic Planning Specialist for the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board, where he is able to utilize his research and policy design skills for youth programs in Minneapolis.

His research interests include evidence-based policy design, political economy, and structural power dynamics from colonial/patriarchal tangible or intangible legacies.

Leopoldino is fluent in both English and Portuguese, and is knowledgeable in a variety of topics, such as government, LGBTQIA+, science and social sciences, and society and culture.

He is also equipped with studio quality microphone and webcam, and available to do both in-person and remote podcast guest appearances on weekends.

Leopoldino is an excellent potential podcast guest, given his deep understanding of global affairs, political and social issues, and his extensive research and policy design experience.

He is capable of providing unique insights into the power dynamics of peace and development interventions, decolonizing narratives for global justice, and evidence-based policy design.

His passion and enthusiasm for these topics will surely be a great addition to any podcast.