Leslie Bosch, PhD

Maximizing Performance Through Stress Management: Developmental Psychologist and Health & Wellness Coach.

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About Leslie Bosch, PhD

Leslie Bosch, PhD is an experienced developmental psychologist and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.


Bosch has been trained as an integrative wellness coach from the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine and provides her clients with the necessary tools to minimize the negative effects of stress while helping them make a bigger impact without sacrificing their health or well-being.

She has an extensive background in the topics of conquering overwhelm, self-compassion, overcoming perfectionism, dealing with feelings of regret, and relaxation techniques.


Bosch has been featured in numerous media outlets and has been praised by her clients for her wealth of knowledge in human development and her active listening throughout the coaching process.

She is available to speak on weekends and weekdays and is comfortable speaking both in-person and remotely.


Bosch is a great potential podcast guest due to her experience and expertise in helping busy professionals optimize their response to stress, and her ability to provide valuable insight on topics such as self-compassion, overcoming perfectionism, and relaxation techniques.

She will be able to bring her knowledge and experience to the podcast and provide your audience with the tools they need to handle stress and live a more balanced life.