Leslie Chen

Maximizing wellbeing and success: Professional coach and contributor to top-tier sites, ready to collaborate.

About Leslie Chen

Leslie Chen is an experienced wellness, business, and self-improvement coach with 8 years of client success.

She is the Founder, Weight Loss Coach, and Wellness Coach of Rise Lean and the Creator of Lean Instinct Formula™.

Leslie specializes in helping people end food obsession while gaining the best body and confidence they can have.

Her unique approach to healthy and sustainable weight loss draws from powerful strategies and tools from Asian heritage which have been widely proven throughout history.

Leslie has also built her business from scratch and successfully executed 3 different ventures.

As a foreigner, mom, and a non-native English speaker, Leslie has overcome a series of natural challenges when she entered the business game.

With her unique brand story, she has gained her spouse's buy-in and been teaching her daughter to be entrepreneurial.

Leslie is a contributor to globally acclaimed high authority sites and is willing to cross promote.

She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she can bring to the conversation.

Examples of exciting topics Leslie can cover include: why being lean and healthy is instinct, how Asians do it, the CICO diet theory, keys to moving past food addiction, breaking free from self-limiting beliefs, and much more.

Leslie is an excellent podcast guest and brings a unique and valuable perspective to any conversation.

She has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to offer valuable insights and is a great asset to any podcast.

Leslie is available for remote podcast interviews on weekdays and has the necessary equipment to participate.