Lia Bliss

Dynamic speaker with a focus on development, combining knowledge with humor to engage audiences.

About Lia Bliss

Lia Bliss is a world-class executive coach based in Salt Lake City, United States.

She has expertise in many facets of development, both personally and in business, including brand awareness, creating a digital presence, goals, and having a killer mindset.

Lia is an upcoming published author, authoring the book Everything is Your Fault: Understanding the 6 Pillars to Unlocking Your Bliss Life.

With her coaching, she connects with leaders to help them maximize their influence digitally, especially on LinkedIn.

She is well connected in the corporate world and has a great understanding of the topics of education, self-improvement, life coaching, astrology, spirituality, business, and personal brand.

Lia is available for remote podcast interviews with her studio quality microphone and webcam.

Lia is an excellent fit for any podcast audience focusing on development, both personally and in business.

With her knowledge of topics such as business, personal brand, and many others, she is sure to bring an interesting perspective to the table.

Plus, her expertise is delivered with a touch of humor and wit.

Lia is the perfect guest for any podcast looking for a thought-provoking and engaging guest who can take its audience on a journey of personal and business development.