Linda Deir

Discover Linda Deir's inspiring story of transformation with her guidance: GUIDED.

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About Linda Deir

Linda Deir is an accomplished author, speaker, transition coach, and trainer based in Phoenix, United States.

Since early childhood, she experienced something most people missed - the guidance of her Spirit Guide Angels.

Her true-life story, GUIDED, shares what she learned and how she learned it.

Without any formal education, Linda harnessed the guidance she received throughout childhood, becoming an unstoppable serial entrepreneur by the age of 19.

Linda has a diverse range of interests, such as society and culture, LGBTQIA+, arts and books, business and entrepreneurship, religion and spirituality, education, health and fitness, and relationships.

She is fluent in English and equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam to deliver her talks.

She is available for both in-person and remote podcasts on weekdays and weekends.

Linda Deir is the perfect podcast guest and will be a great asset to your show.

With her unique ability to harness the guidance of her Spirit Guide Angels, she can offer your audience valuable insights and practical advice on how to find their true potential and discover their purpose in life.

Her Guided Journey is a "self-directed counseling service of spiritual awakenings and unexpected psychology - spiritual solutions for mental wellbeing" that your audience will surely benefit from.

Invite Linda Deir to your show and learn how she is guided in her life and how you can be guided in yours!