Lindsay Peragine

"Empowering entrepreneurs to reduce stress and find freedom through marketing solutions."

About Lindsay Peragine

Lindsay Peragine is the CEO of Key Lime Media and an experienced marketing coach & strategist.

She helps busy entrepreneurs simplify their marketing to make it more effective and less overwhelming.

She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs uncomplicate their businesses, do things their way, and make a big impact without a big time commitment.

Lindsay has a wealth of expertise and experience in topics such as using AI to create content while still sounding like a human, screwing the need for omnipresence in marketing, and breaking up with cookie cutter customer journeys.

She also has expertise in business, marketing, self-improvement, parenting, and entrepreneurship.

Lindsay is available for remote podcasts with her studio quality microphone and webcam.

She would be a great potential podcast guest, as she can help your listeners take the stress out of marketing and gain the freedom to do other things.