Lion Goodman

"Transforming lives with 40 years of experience, Lion is an author, healer, teacher, and coach inspired by a near-death experience."

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About Lion Goodman

Lion Goodman is a transformational coach, author, healer and teacher who has used his near death experience to direct his 40 years of practice.

With over five decades of research into the nature of consciousness, developmental psychology, spirituality and healing, Lion has created the Clear Beliefs Method of trauma-informed therapeutic coaching, which he has taught to more than 500 coaches, healers and therapists around the world.

He is also an accredited trainer by the International Coaching Federation and Association for Coaching.

Lion has taught workshops and trainings around the world, and authored 5 books.

His single sessions can eliminate a client’s limiting or negative belief from their subconscious mind, heal a childhood wound, or resolve a trauma from the past.

He is also co-founder and CEO of Luminary Leadership Institute, an accelerated initiatory program for leaders of businesses and organizations.

Lion has presented his programs through major channels such as The Shift Network, MindValley, PositivePrime, Impact Coaching Academy, and more.

He is also active in the men's movement, and an author for The Good Men Project and Your Tango.

Lion Goodman is the perfect podcast guest with his wealth of experience, expertise, and knowledge in the areas of consciousness, psychology, spirituality, and healing.

His near death experience, along with his clear beliefs method of trauma-informed therapeutic coaching, makes him a powerful and captivating speaker.

Lion will provide your audience with a truly unique and inspiring experience that will leave a lasting impression.