Lisa Smith

"Dr. Lisa of Right2Consent: Empowering youth to prevent sexual violence and report it safely."

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About Lisa Smith


Lisa R.

Smith is an author, advocate, and professor with over 20 years of experience as a counselor, hypnotherapist, and advocate for those suffering from trauma and abuse.

She is the founder of, a sex crime reporting site, with the mission to raise awareness, prevent, and reduce sexual victimization in America.

She provides an honest perspective about solutions for mental health issues regarding the sexual assault and rape of children and teens.


Smith is also a no-nonsense, tactless, and straight shooting psychologist, one-time stand-up comedian, hip-hop head, and Sci-fi fan, with an excellent bull-sh@ detector.

Her book series teaches parents and children about the grooming process, gives deterrence tips, and helps them identify the signs of sexual violence.


Smith would make an excellent podcast guest because of her experience, knowledge, and expertise in sexual violence.

She can provide insight on how to best protect children and teens, as well as how to create a society free of sexual violence.

With her engaging personality, she will certainly capture the attention of any podcast audience.