Lomit Patel

Bestselling Author, Startup Executive & Advisor, 3 Exits, Public Speaker & Mobile Hero: Lean AI with Max.

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About Lomit Patel

Lomit Patel is a bestselling author, startup executive and advisor, and public speaker with 3 successful exits.

He has been recognized as a Mobile Hero by Liftoff, and is a 20-year veteran of the Silicon Valley startup community.

With decades of expertise and knowledge, Lomit is an expert on topics such as startup growth, Lean AI, EdTech industry, mobile app marketing strategy, and managing a work-life balance.

He is fluent in English and is available for remote or in-person engagements.

An ideal podcast guest, Lomit Patel is an inspiring and experienced speaker with invaluable insight into the world of startups and mobile technology.

His bestseller, Lean AI, provides strategic advice on how innovative startups can use AI and machine learning to scale up growth with a lean team.

Lomit can discuss the challenges and success stories faced over his 20-year career in the mobile technology industry, and provide strategies for how to manage the work-life balance.

His experience and knowledge make him the perfect guest for any podcast that wants to discuss the topics of startups, mobile technology, Lean AI, or EdTech.