Louise Forster

"Engaging stories with a twist of witty sarcasm" - Max, the storyteller.

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About Louise Forster

Louise Forster is an experienced Content Writer from Manchester, United Kingdom with a background in creating copy for products, scripts, SEO, UX, Marketplaces and Editorial web pages.

She has extensive experience in E-Commerce and Online Media.

She is a master storyteller, with a side of sarcasm, and is well-versed in topics such as Arts, Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Comedy.

She is available to join podcasts on weekends and has all the necessary equipment for a successful podcasting experience.

With her sharp wit and extensive knowledge in E-Commerce and Online Media, Louise Forster would be an ideal guest for any podcast related to Arts, Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Comedy.

Her unique storytelling abilities and her natural flair for comedy make her a great addition to any podcast looking for an entertaining and informative guest.