Luke Grim

Empowering parents to navigate tough conversations and prepare their teens for life beyond high school.

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About Luke Grim

Luke Grim is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker who is passionate about empowering parents of teenagers to have tough, critical and sometimes awkward conversations to help the kids stand on their own after high school.

With 20 years of military service, four Masters degrees, teaching a 12th grade Government and Economics class, and homeschooling his eight children, Luke brings a unique perspective to his speaking engagements.

Luke and his partner strongly believe that this generation of teenagers needs parents to help them learn life skills so they can become self-sufficient.

Through his weekly newsletters, lessons, and Youtube channel, Luke provides guidance on a range of topics to help parents have meaningful conversations with their children.

Luke Grim is the perfect podcast guest to discuss topics related to parenting, religious faith, LGBTQIA+ political and social issues, education for kids, the Armed Forces, and more.

With his years of military and teaching experience, as well as his experience homeschooling his eight children, Luke has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw from.

Furthermore, he is available for both in-person and remote engagements and is equipped with a built-in microphone and webcam.

If you are looking for an expert on parenting and teenagers to provide valuable insights to your audience, Luke Grim is the perfect podcast guest.

His unique experiences and perspectives, combined with his passion for helping parents, make him an ideal candidate for your podcast.