Lynda Huffman

Transform your home with ease! Get expert interior design advice with the Let's Decorate app.

About Lynda Huffman

Lynda Huffman is an experienced interior designer with over 30 years of experience in the field.

Lynda left her COO position at a medial diagnostic company to pursue her passion of interior design full-time, and she has since developed the Let's Decorate App.

This app puts interior design advice and consulting in the hands of anyone, and Lynda believes that everyone deserves a beautiful home.

Lynda is also knowledgeable in arts and design, and has an excellent eye for detail.

With her expertise, she can help people create their dream homes while also keeping a practical and economical approach.

Lynda Huffman would make a great potential podcast guest due to her extensive experience and knowledge in interior design.

She has the ability to provide valuable insight on how to create beautiful homes while also remaining financially practical.

Lynda has a unique experience of having developed the Let's Decorate App, and she can offer her personal story to help give advice and coaching to listeners.