Lyndsey Kirkwood

Maximize your life experience with fun conversations over a glass of wine.

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About Lyndsey Kirkwood

Lyndsey Kirkwood is a female podcaster from Brisbane, Australia with an impressive portfolio of comedic and cultural expertise.

She speaks English fluently and is available for weekday interviews.

She and her co-host, Bildo and Lindalin, are the creators of the podcast Wine Chats, which dives into the complicated and beautiful minds of their guests as they share humorous stories, discuss hot topics, and divulge their secrets.

Lyndsey is an experienced speaker with a passion for comedy and culture.

With her knowledge and experience, she is sure to make an engaging guest for any podcast.

She has the necessary equipment for a successful remote interview, and her infectious personality will make for a great conversation.

Her ability to bring humor, insight, and thought-provoking perspectives to her interviews will make her an ideal guest for any podcast.