Margo White

"Expert Content Marketer and Copywriter, helping entrepreneurs unlock success with my Content DNA Strategy."

About Margo White

Margo White is an expert in content marketing and copywriting for entrepreneurs.

She is the creator of the “Content DNA Strategy”, a system that helps companies stand out from the competition, grab attention, and drive action.

Margo has worked with global brands such as Microsoft, HitachiGrids, Adobe, RevenueHero, and many more.

She is a passionate speaker and can offer valuable insights into creating successful content marketing packages, B2B prospecting on social media, cold calling scripts, evolutionary psychology in marketing, building businesses from scratch, and the nomad entrepreneur lifestyle.

With her expansive knowledge and decades of experience, Margo can provide your audience with unique insights and strategies to help their businesses succeed.

If you're looking for an engaging podcast guest with a wealth of experience and knowledge in content marketing, copywriting, and digital growth, then Margo White is an ideal choice.

Her "Content DNA Strategy" has been credited with helping businesses all over the world stand out from the competition and drive action, and she has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Her insights into creating successful content packages, B2B prospecting, and marketing psychology will be a great addition to any podcast.