Marie Mosley

"Healing hearts and creating brighter futures: Marie, author of Pretty Divorce, supports women rebuilding their lives after toxic relationships."

About Marie Mosley

Marie Mosley is a powerful female voice providing inspiring insight into navigating toxic relationships and creating brighter futures for oneself.

Marie is an experienced speaker from New York City, United States, and is fluent in English.

Marie is the Author of pretty divorce, a book which depicts her own personal journey from a teenage mother in a toxic relationship, to her eventual breakthrough and success as a school counselor.

Marie believes all women have the ability to come out of toxic relationships, and is passionate about helping women heal and find healthier relationships.

Marie has experience in many areas, including education, self-improvement, kids and family, LGBTQIA+, relationships, society and culture, religion and spirituality, and life experiences.

She is well equipped with a built-in microphone and webcam, and is available for both in-person and remote engagements.

Marie is a great potential guest for any podcast looking to discuss toxic relationships, self-improvement, or inspiring stories of personal breakthroughs.

With her inspiring story, expertise, and knowledge, Marie is sure to bring an enlightening perspective to any podcast.