Marie Scott

"Helping widows and widowers find health, humor and love through Functional Medicine Health Coaching."

About Marie Scott

Marie Scott is a passionate Functional Medicine Health Coach who specializes in helping widows and widowers gain back their health, humor, and love.

Marie has experienced first-hand the loss of her life partner, and she uses this knowledge to help others who are going through similar struggles.

She is certified in Functional Medicine Coaching and has had incredible success in her own life using its principles - she has lost thirty pounds, no longer needs prescription meds for blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, or hormones, and has even found love again.

Marie is an inspiring example of how Functional Medicine can help transform lives, and her expertise can be a valuable resource to any podcast looking to address the challenges of loss and finding joy in life again.

Marie Scott is an inspiring Functional Medicine Health Coach and an ideal podcast guest to discuss the unique challenges of being a widow or widower.

With her expertise and personal experience, Marie can provide valuable insight into the struggles of loss and how to find joy and health in life again.

Through her story and her own journey to wellness, Marie can offer listeners an inspiring message of hope and resilience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have Marie on your podcast and share her story of resilience and her journey to health and happiness.