Marie Skelton

"Let Max show your guests how to find joy and strength through humor and scientifically-proven strategies!"

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About Marie Skelton

Marie Skelton is an Australian writer, speaker, and happiness and resilience expert with a passion for mental health and wellbeing.

She is driven by a personal journey of recovery following a motorbike accident that nearly took her life and leg.

In her career, Marie has worked in journalism, Public Affairs and Change Management for some of the world’s largest tech and financial services companies.

Prior to her professional career, Marie was an elite athlete, playing volleyball for Australia and on scholarship at George Mason University in the U.


She even captained the NSW Women’s Volleyball team in the Australian Volleyball League.

Marie has a wealth of experience and knowledge, having written extensively on how to cope with change and maintain mental wellness, particularly in the face of change.

Her approach to mental wellbeing is backed by science and delivered with a good sense of humor.

Marie is proficient in English and is available for both in-person and remote engagements.

She is equipped with a studio-quality microphone and webcam.

Marie Skelton is the perfect podcast guest to help your guests find happiness and resilience in this busy and uncertain world.

In addition to her extensive experience, she provides practical science-backed tips and a good sense of humor.

Her moving story and passion for mental health and wellbeing will be sure to captivate your audience and keep them engaged.