Mark Graban

Let's explore how to learn and innovate through mistakes with "The Mistakes That Make Us"!

About Mark Graban

Mark Graban is a male speaker based in the United States, Cincinnati, with expertise in business, engineering, leadership, employee engagement, and continuous improvement.

He has formal media training, and has been featured on national radio interviews and guest appearances.

He has a strong presence on LinkedIn with over 500,000 followers.

Mark has written multiple books on topics such as Measures of Success: React Less, Lead Better, Improve More, and the award-winning Lean Hospitals (translated into eight languages).

His upcoming book, The Mistakes That Make Us: Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Innovation, is due out in June.

With this book he hopes to provide actionable tips to leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs on how to learn from mistakes.

Mark is an experienced podcaster and has won awards for his work.

He is an excellent podcast guest and can provide pithy, crisps answers for shorter shows, or engage in more free-wheeling conversations on longer podcasts.

He is well-equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam.

He is available for remote interviews on weekdays and weekends.

Mark Graban is the perfect podcast guest to discuss learning from mistakes, leadership, employee engagement, and continuous improvement.

He has an extensive background in these topics, and the ability to provide actionable tips to your audience.

With his upcoming book and strong presence on LinkedIn, he can help draw attention to your podcast.