Mark Ryall

"Run Daughter, Run Father: A Father-Daughter Journey of Distance Running Competitions"

About Mark Ryall

Mark Ryall is a retired economics teacher from Hamilton, Ontario, who has self-published two books.

Mark is also a competitive triathlete who represented Canada in the 2019 ITU World Age-Group Championships in Switzerland, and recently qualified for the 2023 Championships to be held in Spain.

He also has experience as a podcast guest, having been featured on 30 shows in the last 18 months.

Mark's expertise includes books, running, fitness, parenting, science fiction, science, and more.

His most recent book, "Run Daughter, Run Father" is a unique look inside the world of younger and older runners and their interactions.

His first book, "Age-Decoded" is a science fiction novel exploring the implications of the advancements in CRISPR genetic engineering.

Mark is a dynamic guest speaker with a wealth of experience and knowledge in multiple topics.

He is a great potential podcast guest who can provide an interesting and engaging conversation.

He has an impressive athletic career, as well as the knowledge and writing experience to discuss books and science fiction.

He is also passionate about the implications of genetic engineering and the effect of new technology on humanity.

Mark is available for remote interviews and has all of the necessary equipment for a successful podcast experience.