Mark Weisman

"Uniting ancient spiritual wisdom with modern psychological insights – I'm here to guide you on your journey."

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About Mark Weisman


Mark Weisman D.

D. is a modern-day Shaman and Álfheðnar sworn to his ancestral Gods, Óðinn and Freyja of Asgard by Norse legends.

Mark has dedicated his life to helping others and has developed successful methods of dealing with psychological trauma.

He has several advanced degrees, including a Doctorate in Divinity, and has traveled extensively throughout the world to gain insight into various spiritual and religious traditions.

With his easy-going and compassionate nature, Mark has been able to bridge the gap between ancient spiritual teachings and modern-day psychological issues.

Mark has a passion for education and has a deep understanding of mental health, which he conveys in an accessible and practical way.

Mark is a perfect guest for any podcast looking to explore the connections between spirituality and psychology.

His expertise and knowledge of various religious and spiritual traditions, combined with his teaching and counselling experience, make him a great potential guest for any podcast looking to bring in a unique voice to the discussion.

His approachable personality and ability to connect with others make him an ideal guest for both educating and entertaining audiences.