Mary Leigh (ML) Moseley

Max is an independent artist combining college studies with creating beautiful melodies and songwriting.

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About Mary Leigh (ML) Moseley

Mary Leigh (ML) Moseley is a pop/R&B artist based in Atlanta.

She started her journey with music at the young age of 6 when she took her first singing lesson, and has since developed her contemporary style.

She is an independent artist attending college full time and her projects include beautiful melodies and songwriting abilities.

ML has a strong vocal range, showcased in her debut pop single, 'Thin White Line', with fans commenting on her impressive vocal range.

She has an extensive background in music, but also has a strong passion for the arts, with interests in fashion and beauty.

ML is equipped with a built in microphone and webcam and is available for remote podcast interviews on weekdays.

If you're looking for a talented and experienced singer to add a unique flavor to your podcast, ML Moseley is the perfect guest.

With her well-rounded experience in the music and arts industries, she is sure to bring insightful and entertaining conversation to your show.

She is an independent artist with a lot to offer, and her fresh perspectives on the industry would make her a great addition to your podcast.