Mary Mosope Adeyemi

Connect with me to gain career insight from a banker, strategist, and author of Visible Strengths.

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About Mary Mosope Adeyemi

Mary Mosope Adeyemi is an award-winning investment professional, career strategist, and author of Visible Strengths.

Mary has a passion for personal development and equitable career growth, which has driven her to found her social-first organization, viSHEbility, and write her debut book.

Mary has extensive experience working with global investment banks and has spent thousands of hours developing, executing, and managing talent recruitment and training programs, focusing on early career professionals.

Mary has spoken at or coached on 100+ conferences and webinars to a combined audience of over 10,000+ people.

She has impacted professionals at top-tier firms, including Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Lazard Bank, Accenture, IFC, and Barclays.

Mary is passionate about discussing topics such as how to discover and activate your strengths at work, how to craft your career around your strengths, strengths-based confidence in the workplace, and how to deliver value through innovative performance.

As a podcast guest, Mary is sure to bring an inspiring perspective to the conversation.

With her knowledge and experience, she can provide listeners with the tools to accelerate their career and capitalize on their strengths.

Mary is an engaging speaker who will bring value to the podcast and provide a truly captivating experience for the audience.