Megan Stewart

Agency Owner & International Speaker, Marketing Expert & Social Media Specialist, Educator, & Pun Lover.

About Megan Stewart

Megan Stewart is an experienced international speaker and marketing expert.

She is the Executive Director at the marketing and creative agency Shrike & Thorn, where she provides revenue-driven solutions to clients around the globe.

With a background in infosec engineering and digital media, Megan has a unique perspective on the marketing industry, focusing on data privacy and workplace wellbeing.

Megan has spoken at multiple events, from consulting agencies to universities both local and international.

She has discussed topics ranging from social media, upcoming trends, virtual reality, cybersecurity meets marketing, wellness and beauty marketing, business and marketing strategy, social media success and myths, and more.

Megan's goal is to bring listeners value, to challenge their thoughts, expand their knowledge, and give them something to walk away with.

Megan is equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam, and is available weekdays both in-person and remotely.

With her extensive experience and knowledge, Megan Stewart is an excellent choice for podcasts looking to add value and challenge their listeners.

Her unique insights on marketing, technology, and wellbeing, combined with her friendly and down to earth nature makes her a great speaker for any podcast.