Melinda Hardin

"Join Melinda Hardin on her inspiring journey of personal growth, and unlock your own authentic life."

About Melinda Hardin

Melinda Hardin is an inspiring speaker and author of Uneclipsed, her bare-faced memoir about finding her own comeback story.

With a variety of experiences ranging from running an Airbnb, writing and launching her own book, playing in a band with The Pretty Goods, teaching yoga, cheering on her daughters at volleyball and soccer, and celebrating her sobriety, Melinda has a unique and genuine perspective that is both relatable and tangible for audiences.

Melinda creates a safe and welcoming space for her audiences to explore and live their most authentic life.

She is skilled at holding up a mirror for others to discover and delve into their own shadows, giving them the hope and confidence to step into their own authentic light.

She also provides advice on parenting topics, drawing on her fourteen years of experience raising her own girls.

Additionally, Melinda's spiritual background and her journey of unraveling religion and discovering God outside of constructs is an interesting and engaging topic for listeners.

Melinda has a warm and humorous presence, and inspires her listeners to compassionately consider the parts of their story they’d like to rewrite, activates their imaginations to conceptualize the self they’d like to become, and inspirits them to get on their way toward living as their whole, true self.

She is a great potential podcast guest as she has the ability to draw listeners in with her stories, experiences and advice, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience.