Melissa Ebken

"Unlock your potential with compassionate guidance in emotional wellness and spiritual practice."

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About Melissa Ebken

Melissa Ebken is an experienced professional with a unique background in both ministry and the military.

With a decade of experience serving in the IL Army National Guard as a utility helicopter mechanic, Melissa has a wealth of knowledge in dealing with challenging situations and difficult spaces.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Melissa is a trained coach and consultant who specializes in helping churches in conflict.

She is also the author of Teach Us To Pray: An Ancient Model For a Modern Day, and the host of the Pursuing Uncomfortable podcast.

Her next book, Pursuing Uncomfortable: Leaning In and Overcoming, is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Melissa's expertise in emotional intelligence, spiritual practice, life coaching, self-improvement, mental health, spirituality, relationships, and more makes her a great fit for any podcast seeking to engage in meaningful conversations.

With her knowledge and experience, Melissa is an ideal guest to discuss topics ranging from personal growth to church issues, military stories, and more.

Pitch: Melissa Ebken is a unique and experienced professional who can offer podcast audiences an in-depth look into the challenging and difficult spaces of life.

With her knowledge in military service, ministry, emotional intelligence, spiritual practice, and more, Melissa is a great choice for any podcast looking to engage in meaningful conversations on these topics.