Melissa Mullamphy

Melissa Mullamphy: Psychologist, Health Care Advocate, and Award-Winning Author.

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About Melissa Mullamphy

Melissa Mullamphy is a psychologist, healthcare expert, advocate and critically-acclaimed author with extensive experience in the healthcare industry.

She holds a degree in counseling psychology, has worked in a psychiatric emergency room, and had a nearly two-decade long career as Domestic Operations Manager for one of Warren Buffet's companies.

Her personal experience as a family member to a cancer patient has driven a passion to improve patient care and the healthcare system overall, and she has since written hundreds of articles and posts about her story for various outlets.

She is based in White Plains, United States, and is fluent in English.

Melissa Mullamphy is a unique blend of expertise, knowledge and experience that makes her an ideal podcast guest.

Her story is not only culturally relevant, but her insights on the healthcare industry and the patient experience are invaluable.

She has the unique ability to connect with listeners through her personal story, while providing useful information and resources on how people can better advocate for themselves and their loved ones in the healthcare system.

Her passion for this cause makes her an engaging and captivating guest that will surely leave an impact on any podcast.