Mia Smithson

"Empowering & Encouraging Your Community to Negotiate for their Business Worth: I'm Max."

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About Mia Smithson

Mia Smithson is a business powerhouse who is the CEO and Founder of The $30K Program.

She empowers women to get higher-paying jobs they adore by teaching them how to effectively package skills and strategically negotiate with confidence.

The results?

Women in her program increase their income by $30K+ within 48 coaching sessions (8 months max).

Her extensive corporate experience includes being the Global Director of Talent Management where she oversaw hiring and leadership for 400+ employees and 450+ contractors in 7 countries.

She also has trained 100+ hiring managers and interviewed 5,000+ professionals for companies like VML, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Microsoft.

Her educational background includes a Yale Science of Well-Being and a Harvard Business School’s Advanced Certification in Negotiation, which will be completed in 2023.

Mia is an inspiring leader who combines her expertise in business, mental health and technology with her passion for self-improvement and negotiation.

She is an advocate for helping people get their dream jobs and is committed to helping people to effectively negotiate without leaving money on the table.

Her enthusiasm and professionalism would be a great addition to any podcast.

With Mia as a guest, your community will be empowered and encouraged to negotiate for their business worth.