Michael DeAloia

"Unlock the power of Evergreen Podcasts with CEO and startup founder, driving global success with 65+ shows and 180+ countries."

About Michael DeAloia

Michael DeAloia is the CEO of Evergreen Podcasts - a fast-growing podcast startup with over 65 shows that have been downloaded in over 180 countries.

With experience in venture capital, investment banking, startups and entrepreneurship, Michael has a wealth of knowledge to draw from when talking about topics such as podcast startups, raising capital, growing a new media startup, venture capital/angel funding, and entrepreneurial mistakes and pitfalls.

He has invested in a number of tech and media companies with a few successful exits, and his international experiences have allowed him to gain a deep understanding of leadership, purpose and service.

Michael is available to be a guest on podcasts remotely, via built in microphone and webcam.

Michael DeAloia's vast experience as a CEO of a successful podcast startup and his knowledge of the world of venture capital and startups make him a great potential podcast guest.

As a passionate entrepreneur and investor, Michael can provide a wealth of insight into the world of business, management, and entrepreneurship.

He is also well-versed on topics related to history, news, and travel, making him a great addition to any podcast.