Michael Garvey

Maximizing success through small, manageable steps: let's talk incremental improvement!

Self-ImprovementMental Health
About Michael Garvey

Michael Garvey is a passionate educator and advocate for self-improvement and lasting transformations.

She has been on a journey of personal discovery and seeks to share her ideas and philosophies with others.

After struggling to get her fitness back on track, she made some small changes, leading to incremental improvements.

Michael is currently the host of the Unmotivated Habits Podcast, where she talks about small changes leading to lasting transformations.

She has a strong background in health and fitness, mental health, and sports, as well as experience in studio quality microphone and webcam use.

Michael is available for remote interviews on both weekdays and weekends.

Michael Garvey is the perfect podcast guest for discussing incremental improvement and sustainable transformations.

With her knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm, she can provide your podcast a dynamic and inspiring perspective on self-improvement, health and fitness, and mental health.