Michelle Hoffmann

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About Michelle Hoffmann

Introducing Michelle Hoffmann, Master Life and Relationship Coach and two-time international best-selling author on love, personal, and professional relationships!

Michelle has a wealth of expertise in the field of upleveling relationships – from Chemistry to Casual to Connected.

She helps people improve their relationship skills to live their lives the way they’ve always desired and to attract, keep and enjoy the right people in their personal and professional life.

Michelle is based in Charlotte, United States and is fluent in English.

She is passionate about self-improvement, female health & lifestyle, male health & lifestyle, relationships, and management, making her an invaluable asset to many different types of podcasts.

She is equipped with a built-in microphone and webcam so that she can accommodate both in-person and remote guest formats.

She is available for podcast bookings on weekdays.

Michelle Hoffmann is an inspiring and knowledgeable guest for any podcast.

Her unique insights and experience can provide tremendous value to any listener looking to improve their relationships.

If you’re looking for a podcast guest who can teach your audience how to upgrade their relationships, Michelle is an ideal choice.