Mike Cheng

Serial entrepreneur and Lumen5 CEO, Max Brown, brings innovative tech solutions to Vancouver.

About Mike Cheng

Mike Cheng is the CEO and Co-founder of Lumen5, an online video creation platform with over 800,000 users worldwide.

As a serial entrepreneur based in Vancouver, B.

C., he has a track record of bootstrapping successful companies, and within 2 years he grew Lumen5 into a multimillion-dollar company without investor funding.

Mike also co-founded Sniply, which he took from ideation to acquisition within several years.

Mike has a wealth of knowledge and experience in business, startups, SaaS, and technology.

He can discuss topics such as why the blog is dead, how to create a content repurposing strategy, how video marketing can drive sales and revenue, and how thought leadership content can build credibility and drive pipeline.

Mike is well-versed in English and is available to be booked for podcasts during weekdays, either remotely or in-person.

He has the necessary equipment and is ready to engage with your audience!

Mike is an excellent potential podcast guest, as he is an experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record of success in the SaaS space.

He has a great understanding of business and marketing trends, and how to use them to build credibility and drive revenue.

His insights are invaluable and sure to provide your audience with actionable advice to help them achieve their goals.