Mike Malatesta

"Achievement-driven entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, and lifetime learner, leading two 8-figure companies."

About Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta is an experienced entrepreneur, investor, author and speaker based in Milwaukee, US.

He is the founder and former leader of two 8-figure companies, and has a lifetime of learning and expertise to offer.

Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit was sparked at the age of 4, while living across the street from a construction company.

After working in corporate jobs, he was inspired to create his own business and founded Advanced Waste Services, Inc. in 1992.

His team grew to 150 people, generating $45 million in sales before selling the business in 2015.

Today, Mike is focused on designing a life that is driven by options rather than obligations.

He is the founder of ERC Midwest, LLC, host of the How’d it Happen Podcast, and is currently writing his first book.

He is also an investor in startup companies and other innovative opportunities.

Mike is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, fluent in English, who is available for remote interviews most weekdays.

He is equipped with a studio-quality microphone and webcam.

A great potential podcast guest, Mike Malatesta is a successful business leader, passionate entrepreneur and experienced investor with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

His inspiring story and expertise make him an ideal guest for any podcast focused on business, entrepreneurship, investing, startups and self-improvement.