Mike Wiseman

Maximizing global religious perspectives: Hear unique conversations with pastors, podcasters, authors, and religious leaders on The Bible Says What!?

About Mike Wiseman

Mike Wiseman is a religious scholar, podcaster, and religion & spirituality expert based in Las Vegas, United States.

With deep-rooted knowledge of Christianity, Mike has dedicated himself to understanding the complexities of religious beliefs through his podcast, The Bible Says What!?.

Mike is a passionate speaker with a unique perspective on religion & spirituality and a natural ability to engage with his audience.

He is well-versed in the English language and is available to be interviewed on weekdays and weekends.

With his built-in microphone and webcam, Mike is well-equipped to join remote podcasts as a guest.

Mike Wiseman is an ideal podcast guest that brings impressive expertise and insight to religious and spiritual conversations.

His one-on-one conversations with pastors, podcasters, authors, and religious leaders from around the globe offer an exciting and informative perspective to any podcast.

With his passion and knowledge of Christianity, Mike Wiseman is the perfect guest to join your podcast and share his story and insights.