Mitchell Yass

Expert in chronic pain relief, delivering groundbreaking insights through 3 books and a PBS special.

Alternative Health
About Mitchell Yass

Mitchell Yass is a leading authority on diagnosing and treating chronic pain.

He has written three books and performed a PBS special on the issue, and he has developed the Yass Method – a method which interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress eliciting those very symptoms.

His method has been proven to successfully resolve chronic pain in more than 98% of cases, even after surgery has failed.

His expertise and knowledge have helped thousands of people reclaim their lives from chronic pain.

Mitchell is based in the United States and speaks English fluently.

His interests include alternative health, fitness, and wellness.

He has all the necessary equipment and is available on weekends and weekdays for both in-person and remote podcast appearances.

Mitchell is the perfect podcast guest for any show that wants to discuss chronic pain and the best way to diagnose and treat it.

He has the expertise and knowledge to provide theoretical, clinical and scientific evidence that supports his position.

He offers a unique perspective on how to resolve pain and can provide listeners with valuable insights into how to improve their lives.

His Yass Method is the only logically based method for diagnosing and treating pain, and he can help podcast audiences reclaim their lives from chronic pain.

Let Mitchell Yass be your podcast's go-to authority on diagnosing and treating chronic pain.

His experience and insight can help your audience understand their pain, and his method can provide them with a proven way to resolve it.

Reach out to Mitchell today and give your listeners the chance to reclaim their lives from chronic pain.