Nadine Keller

"Max's practical advice and proven tips will help your audience close more deals and increase sales effectiveness!"

About Nadine Keller

Nadine Keller is an experienced business professional and author who has coached and trained tens of thousands of salespeople in Fortune 100 companies.

She is the founder of Precision Sales Coaching & Training and author of the book “Make it All About Them” (Wiley 2013).

Nadine has a wealth of knowledge and advice when it comes to sales, entrepreneurship, and marketing and is a great potential podcast guest.

Nadine is based in Stamford, United States and is fluent in English.

She is available for both in-person and remote interviews, is equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam, and has a variety of interests related to business, including sales, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

Nadine’s pitch for a potential podcast guest is “I will provide your audience with practical and proven advice and tips to increase their sales effectiveness and close more deals!” Nadine Keller’s business experience and knowledge make her a great potential podcast guest.

With her insight and advice on sales, entrepreneurship, and marketing, she can provide your audience with valuable and actionable tips.

She is also a talented author and coach, which can provide an interesting and unique perspective to any podcast discussion.