Nami Jagtiani

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About Nami Jagtiani

Nami Jagtiani is a dynamic leadership and executive coach, and the CEO and Founder of The Mind Quotient.

She has experience in the corporate world, and has spent the past year on a journey of self-discovery, learning about generational trauma, darkness, and her own purpose.

Nami has extensive knowledge about how to discover one's unique gifts, reignite their passion, and engage with purpose.

She is certified by Jay Shetty, and has spoken on multiple professional and community panels and podcasts.

Nami boldly shares the life truths she has learned over the years, talking about her challenges as a South Asian, first generation, woman, and how she discovered the power of her mind to pull her up from rock bottom.

She speaks in both English and Hindi, and her interests include education, life coaching, mental health, spirituality, relationships, self-improvement, health & fitness, and society & culture.

Nami is available for both in-person and remote engagements, and is equipped with a webcam and studio-quality microphone.

Nami Jagtiani is the perfect podcast guest for anyone looking to learn about the power of their mind and how to discover their true purpose in life.

With her experience in the corporate world, her passionate storytelling, and her in-depth knowledge of generational trauma, relationships, and self-improvement, Nami is sure to bring a unique and insightful perspective to any podcast.