Nancy Mello

Meet Nancy Mello, the animal communicator and psychic medium with a passionate social media following.

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About Nancy Mello

Nancy Mello is an animal communicator and evidential medium with experience as a speaker and podcast host.

She is highly active on social media, with 60k followers on Tik Tok, 21k on Instagram, and 46k on Facebook.

Nancy has been featured in major publications such as the Washington Post and The Mirror UK, and has experience on the radio and in podcasts, with appearances on the Two Johnnies show, Dogster Podcast, Kait Coaching, and Third Eye Sight.

She is also experienced in TV interviews, with a recent appearance on Vision Global (Spain).

Nancy is passionate about helping pets, especially with end of life issues and problem behaviours.

Since 2020, she has helped to reunite 121 pets with their owners.

Nancy has a well-rounded background in animal communication and spirituality, and would make a great podcast guest.

She is a charismatic expert with a breadth of knowledge on the subject, and her experience on radio and podcasts make her the perfect candidate for a podcast appearance.

Her high engagement rate on social media and past appearances in publications and television make her an ideal speaker for any podcast.