Nat Rich

Experience, Honesty, Personal Growth: Come Hear Me Speak!

About Nat Rich

Nat Rich is an experienced entrepreneur, podcaster, radio presenter, and motivational speaker.

She has been featured in Marie Claire, Metro, London's Time Out, Stylist, Balance, Dose, Closer, Heat, and Conde Nast Traveller.

Nat is passionate about helping people live more fulfilled and authentic lives and runs regular ‘Unf**k Your Life’ webinars.

She is also the Founder and Creative Director of I AM SOUND ACADEMY, a personal development platform focused on using sound and self-awareness to generate emotional wellbeing that lasts.

Nat is an experienced and entertaining public speaker.

With her experience in radio presenting, Nat is comfortable in the studio, and her talks are full of awkward and relatable moments that people laugh and cry with empathy towards.

Nat has held talks at Regents University, Point Blank Music College, Scotland University, Semetrical Agency, EO Network, Amsterdam Dance Event, Brighton Music Conference, WooMoon Ibiza, and Ibiza Spirit Festival.

She is also equipped with a studio-quality microphone and webcam for remote speaking engagements.

Nat Rich is a compelling podcast guest who will share her experiences in entrepreneurship, personal development, and more.

She is radically honest when it comes to personal development and is always willing to share her story to help others.

With her experience, expertise, and knowledge, she is sure to make a great addition to any podcast.