Nenia Corcoran

Survivor and author of He Loves Me Not, helping others escape abusive relationships.

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About Nenia Corcoran

Nenia Corcoran is a female law enforcement officer, living in Concord, United States.

An experienced speaker, she speaks English fluently and is well-versed in topics such as Fiction, Female Health & Lifestyle, Mental Health, Relationships, Self-Improvement, Drama, Law, Feminism, and Personal Journals.

Nenia was formerly a victim of an emotionally and physically abusive relationship.

After her harrowing experience, she has decided to use her platform to educate young women about the signs of toxic relationships to prevent similar tragedies from occurring.

She is the author of He Loves Me Not, a YA Fiction novel that aims to shine a light on the dangers of teen dating violence.

Nenia has the necessary equipment, such as a studio quality microphone and webcam, to be a podcast guest and is available for both in-person and remote interviews on both weekdays and weekends.

Nenia Corcoran is an ideal podcast guest for any host looking to discuss YA Fiction, Domestic Violence, Law, Feminism, and Self-Improvement.

With her extensive experience in law enforcement and personal experience with domestic violence, she is passionate and articulate on these topics and her story is sure to be both inspiring and illuminating.