Nic Frick

Maximizing job search success with practical tools and a fun approach!

About Nic Frick

Nic Frick is a career coach and empowerment expert who helps new moms find jobs they love.

With a background in tech, customer service, recruiting, and teaching yoga, she has a comprehensive skill set that she uses to help women create a life and career based on their values.

Nic is passionate about helping women find more joy and pleasure in their lives while also amplifying their income.

She offers a holistic approach to her coaching that includes practical tools and forgotten practices that support a healthy career and balanced lifestyle.

Nic is a great potential podcast guest because she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with your audience.

Her unique approach to job search and career coaching has already been a success for many of her clients, and her enthusiasm and energy will be sure to captivate your listeners.

Plus, her background provides plenty of talking points to discuss, from the practical side of finding a job to the emotional side of balancing work and life.