Nicola Salter

"Unlock the power of self-belief: Equip women with the tools for purposeful transformation and change."

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About Nicola Salter

Nicola Salter is a speaker and business owner with over 25 years of experience helping women find their purpose, unlock their value, and create businesses or life chapters that empower them.

She has worked with thousands of women, and specializes in helping them connect to their purpose and find the resilience to build success for themselves.

Additionally, Nicola has been featured on HGTV, Maria Shriver Media, Toyota, The Ultimate Women's Conference, Your Unique Brilliance Podcast, Julie Solomon-Influencer, Shine, BBC News Interview, and World Tea Expo Speaker.

Nicola has a passion for helping women believe in themselves, and uses fast and effective methods to do this.

She has developed science-proven methods to help her clients feel safe, and also works on their mindset, emotions, wounds, blocks, and limiting beliefs.

Her book, Hot Water for Tea, combines plant medicine, recipes, and formulations for health and well-being.

On her podcast, Your Unique Brilliance, she offers tips and guidance to support women holistically and naturally.

Nicola’s expertise, experience, and knowledge make her an ideal podcast guest, and her empowering approach to purpose, mindset, resilience, value, transformation, and change could add valuable insights to a wide range of podcasts.

As an international speaker, she has the ability to captivate an audience and provide them with solutions to their problems.

With her background in energy medicine, intuition, and mindset, she can offer actionable advice that truly makes a difference.