Nicole Bremner

"Navigating motherhood and multifamily property investments to discover the power of resilience."

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About Nicole Bremner

Nicole Bremner is an experienced and knowledgeable property developer, non-executive director, best selling author and podcast host from the United Kingdom.

She started her journey 10 years ago as a stay-at-home mother with three children under three and has since built a boutique property development company, raised over £6.4m through crowdfunding and has investments in two other companies.

Nicole is a sought-after speaker, having been invited to speak at events around the world, including in Dubai and Canada.

She is also a regular property columnist with Modern Woman magazine and has written a best selling book, Bricking It, with another book on the way.

Additionally, Nicole has her own podcast, SailingSavvy, which follows her and her family's sailing adventures in the Mediterranean.

Nicole would make a great podcast guest because of her unique perspective on property development, personal branding, alternative finance, entrepreneurship and investing.

She has extensive experience in these areas and can offer valuable insight into a variety of topics.

She is an engaging speaker and would make a great addition to any podcast.