Nicole Caillier

Dr. Nicole Caillier: Ph.D. Enterpriser, Upriser & Business Strategist - The Queen of Staffing.

About Nicole Caillier


Nicole Caillier, Ph.

D., is an acclaimed entrepeneur, upriser, and business strategist with 15 years of experience in the healthcare staffing industry.

Known as “The Queen of Staffing”, she has made it her mission to provide aspiring, emerging and established entrepreneurs with the exact blueprint and strategies she used to build her own successful staffing empire.

Nicole is the founder and CEO of The Quality Staffing Group, Robinson Success Systems, Divine Purpose School, and a wide array of other business endeavors.

After losing her job as a nurse, she started her first healthcare staffing firm in Louisiana in 2005.

Under her leadership, the organization grew revenue by 1200% in one quarter and consistently delivered its core competency of providing clients with quality over quantity solutions.

In addition, Nicole has helped countless clients find unbelievable success, financial freedom, and career satisfaction by entering into the healthcare staffing industry.

She continues to mentor other high-level business professionals and beginners to prosper holistically through the Divine Purpose School, a community of “Purposepreneurs” who want to take their business from 5 or 6 figures to 7 or 8.


Caillier has extensive experience and knowledge to share and would be an excellent podcast guest.

She brings a wealth of insight to any conversation about business, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement, making her a great addition to any podcast.

Her enthusiasm and passion for her work will ensure that her conversation on any podcast is engaging and informative.